Our Services

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SLM Builders is a full service contractor specializing in new construction of single-family homes, additions and remodels of any size from a small bathroom remodel to major renovations and ground up new homes. SLM has built homes from raw land to fully custom homes in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties for over twenty years.
We specialize in house lifting and leveling services with extensive experience in foundation repair and replacement.
SLM Builders uses special project tracking software called Merlin to make sure your project is always delivered on time and on budget. You can view the Merlin software online.
Our project software is very collaborative allowing us to not only communicate with you about your project but generate reports that visually show you where you project is in the process and what still needs to be done to complete all your work.
Excellent project management requires a complete picture of your project every step of the way. You can see which activities are being worked on now and what is next. We inform you of the timeline of your job and what resources are required when.
SLM Builders sends you reports in agreed upon time intervals. We manage the project so multiple people can be working on different parts of your project at the same time. This significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your project throughout your entire building process.